Are You Interested in Switching to Tariff 33?

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Unsure of the benefits to you? Want to know how to go about it?

Up to 60% of Queenslanders have currently applied for and are taking advantage of the savings Tariff 33 has to offer. This economy tariff works by reducing the peak demand of electrical needs by up to a 32% of overall costs, and lessening the impact of future price hikes in electricity bills.

Tariff 33 is not suitable for all electrical appliances, but it is recommended for the following facilities and appliances that may be run between 4-8pm.

  • Pools
  • Hot water Systems
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Second fridge

How do I know that Tariff 33 will suit my household?

Although Tariff 33 isn’t for everyone, it can shave back the significant expenses associated with the certain appliances. If you pay for the electrical expenses of running any of the above mentioned facilities, it’s worth investigating the savings you can make.  Provided you are able to efficiently run your household over the off-peak electricity period, Tariff 33 promises great returns. 

How do I connect an Economy tariff?

It’s simpler than you think. Contact us at Safe & Sure and ask us to redirect your appliance to Tariff 33. Our electricians will hardwire the appliances back to your meter via a circuit. The new reduced tariff takes effect immediately for that equipment, saving you money as soon as the hardwiring is completed.

How will I be able to tell where I’m saving on expenses?

The simplest way will be on your next bill with a decrease in costs. On top of this, it is possible that a separate meter may be installed and listed separately on your bill to highlight usage for those appliances that run from the dedicated circuit. Ask us about the conditions that apply for eligibility.

If you think your household can benefit from the savings to be made from the installation of Tariff 33 to your home, now is a great time to explore the benefits on offer. 

Tariff 33 offers the opportunity to save on electrical expenses through an economical off-peak discount, but you can also make instant saving via the Energex Positive Payback Rewards system. Ask if you’re eligible for:

  • $250 cash back for changing to Tariff 33 for your pool pump
  • $100 Cash back for changing to Tariff 33 for your hot water

Safe & Sure would like to help you make a decision best suited to your needs. For more information regarding the switch to tariff 33, please contact our customer solutions team for a free quote.

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