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How to check your home for bad wiring

Electricity is something we all take for granted. We turn on a switch and on comes the light or the TV. What happens when it doesn’t work, or something goes wrong? Each year thousands of people are electrocuted because of faulty electrical items or wiring within the home. It’s not just electrocution you need to [...]

Choosing the right electrical contractor to partner with your business

Electricity supply and maintenance is a large part of the budget for any strata managed building or body corporate. Choosing the wrong electrical contractor can blow that budget sky-high. Have you chosen the right electrical contractor to partner with you? You’re putting your building and the lives and homes of others into the hands of [...]

9 electrical items to look at and take into consideration WHEN BUYING or renting A NEW HOME

If you are looking for a new home to buy or rent, the last thing on your mind is probably the electricals. Yet given that a high percentage of house fires are caused by faulty wiring and appliances, we need to pay closer attention to the contents of the home we’re choosing. Today we’re giving [...]

Brisbane Home Show

First Name * Last Name * Suburb * Email * Contact Number * Which one of the following items are you most likely to purchase in the next 12 months? * Air Conditioning Solar Panels Lighting Ceiling Fans Smoke Alarms What are your current living arrangements? * Renting Own with a Mortgage Own with no [...]

Who’s DNA is lurking in your air conditioning unit?

Air conditioning is something we take for granted these days. It runs when we need it and often, we don’t think much about it, but did you know your air conditioning could be making you unwell? Have you noticed any of these symptoms lately? Dry eyes, coughing, hay fever-like symptoms, dry or sore throat and [...]

What to do when the power trips

It’s a time of year when we rely on electricity to run the air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, everyone is doing the same thing, and at peak times, our power can switch off. Unless there’s a general outage, the cause is usually a circuit breaker which has tripped. Trips happen when [...]

Energy saving tips for businesses

When you’re running a business, one of the best ways to save money is to reduce your expenses. Your energy costs are often a big part of your expenses so if you can cut back on your energy use, you’ll save money. Have you done an energy audit on your business energy usage and cost? [...]

Keep the Electrical Power Costs Lower This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and, with all the hustle and bustle, managing your energy spend might not be top of mind. The following tips can help you reduce your electricity usage and lower your costs during the holidays. Switch to Save Replace your older lights and switch to Christmas LED lights. Light strings made with [...]

Tips for installing ducted air conditioning in to your home

Ducted air conditioning is a whole house cooling and heating solution. Once installed, every room of your house will be connected to a central unit which can be easily controlled and programmed. Say goodbye to hot summer nights and cold winter mornings with the seamless air conditioning option. How does ducted air conditioning work? Ducted [...]

The modern must-have in home item – USB power points

We use so many electronic devices that it can sometimes be a struggle to find a spare power point to charge it at. How much time you waste in an average day juggling appliances just so you can reach the power socket? Just how much time have you lost deciding which device to charge first [...]

Desk and cradle wireless induction chargers

Your phone or smart device requires a dependable stream of energy available on demand to keep it powered up and ready to go. Keeping up with the necessary charging cables and accessories can be messy and time consuming. Luckily there is now a better alternative. Reclaim your life Wireless desk and cradle chargers are a [...]

How to save money on your electricity

If there’s one thing most of us dread, it’s the arrival of the electricity bill. It’s always higher than we expected. You can save money on your electricity and it doesn’t have to mean making huge lifestyle changes. Our best advice is to change one habit at a time and start seeing the cost savings [...]

A guide to understanding the energy ratings on your electrical items

The Australian government’s Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program was introduced to help consumers choose appliances which are energy efficient, save money in electrical costs and which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They created a rating system of stars which you’ve probably noticed on the front of new appliances. The more stars, the more efficient your appliance [...]

5 new electrical tech items to consider installing when renovating or building your home

Modern technology is making life easy so why not take advantage of it, especially if it can help you save money on your electricity costs. People love gadgets so choose those your family will want to use and they’ll all help reduce your power usage without realising it. Here are a few of the clever [...]

5 signs your split system air conditioner needs to be replaced

The split system air conditioner is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home and in our climate, it’s a necessity. Don’t wait until your unit breaks down before you pay it any attention. Replacing the unit is easy and it gives you the opportunity to replace it with a modern energy efficient [...]

A Guide to building an energy efficient home

Energy consumption is a significant portion of most homeowners’ budgets. If you’re building or renovating your home, now is the time to make some wise choices when it comes to energy efficiency. Not only will you save money on your energy costs, but the more energy efficient a home is, the better it is for [...]

How safe is your home? The three must have items to install or check

For most of us, a home is more than just a place to store our belongings. It’s the ideal spot for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends but most of all it’s a place where we can feel safe. Our homes aren’t just private sanctuaries, however. They are also the single most valuable asset most [...]

Wiring considerations when building or renovating your home

Since most of a home’s electrical wiring is concealed behind its walls, it’s often overlooked when you’re designing or renovating your home. Yet your home’s wiring along with its outlets, fittings, fixtures and switchboard should all be top of mind during the planning stages. Only then can you be sure your wiring is sufficient for [...]

What is included in your split air conditioning service

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Smoke Alarm Safety at Home

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What to do when your safety switch trips to off

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Common Signs You Need Split Air Conditioning Servicing

With summer well and truly on its way, its time to seriously ask yourself when was the last time your air conditioner was serviced or checked? Here are 8 things you need to look out for the next time you turn on your air conditioner. Smells – bad or funny smells; burning smell turn the unit [...]

Home Automation Technology That Is Already Available

Home automation, also referred to as domotics, provides a way for homeowners to control various activities, features, and appliances in their homes. You’ve seen it in movies and on TV for years, but now it’s a reality. What are the benefits of home automation? Areas Where You Can Benefit From Using Home Automation Security Homeowners are [...]

Strategic Lighting Tips for Your Home

Lighting Tips for SAFETY Remember to consult with quality electricians before installing lighting in your home. How do you choose your home lighting on a strategic level? Simply put, you choose lighting according to the type of environment or atmosphere you want for each room. So what factors are important to consider?  The following lighting tips [...]

8 Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Safety Check

Most Australian homes use some form of electrical power.  A home electrical safety check is important to maintain the safety of your loved ones living in your household. Would you recognise the warning signs of looming electrical problems? Some are clear and easy to recognise, but some aren't so simple. Below are 8 key warning signs you [...]

Tips and Tricks for Air Conditioning Efficiency – Or Does it Need a Service?

Does using your air conditioner make you worry about your next electricity bill? With the very warmer months coming into action, it becomes second nature to turn to the coolest setting on your air conditioner. It’s an easy choice to shut the heat out as you enjoy the cool blast – but did you know [...]

Air Conditioning 101

The two main things that most people know about air con is that they can turn it off and on and adjust the controls. Beyond that, the average person takes it for granted until it stops working. Here, we will discuss the basics that everyone should know about air con. Types of Air Conditioners Ducted [...]

Preparing for your Air Conditioning Installation

Do you want to make sure that your Air Con installation is smooth and perfectly executed? While the most important aspects of installation are certainly up to your technician there are a few ways in which you can make sure that the installation of your Air Con system is a seamless and perfectly planned event. [...]

How to maintain your outdoor air conditioning unit motor

Air Conditioner Maintenance Air conditioners come in a range of standards and sizes. From small portable coolers that can be installed with just a little work, right through to the units that require a large outdoor exhaust that can be placed on your roof or in a less obtrusive place outside your home. Do you [...]

The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair?

Preventative Maintenance is the key! During Brisbane's hot summer months everyone wants their air conditioner to operate at optimum capacity. A properly maintained air conditioner will be reliable cooling source when you need it most.  With Australia’s climate, air con repair companies suggest regular preventative maintenance should be carried out once a year. If your unit [...]

So You Want to Install Ceiling Fans?

So You Want To Install A Ceiling Fan? Anybody who has a ceiling fan in their home will tell you it was a smart move. During hot months a ceiling fan can bring the cooling comfort of a breeze. There is probably no more energy efficient way to have a cooling system than putting in [...]

Air Conditioner need a service? Make sure you call a qualified electrician

Imagine: It’s 35 degrees outside, you’re at your wits end in the middle of the school holidays. It’s midday, with the sun bearing down on your tin roof, and your air conditioner starts acting up. Your first reaction might be to access the nearest help and never mind the quality; OR you might want to [...]

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Electrical Work

Electrical wiring is complex, hazardous and requires a high level of knowledge about how it works and the safety precautions that must be taken in order to perform electrical work. This is why it's a four year Electrical Apprenticeship to learn all the knowledge that is required to keep the electrician safe. The Qld Electrical Safety [...]

Consider the Costs of Ducted Air Conditioning

The summer months in Australia are hot, steamy, and unpleasant. Many residents choose to have air con systems to make their homes comfortable, but it comes with a cost. It’s important to understand that you can enjoy a good level of comfort by running your ducted air con while saving on energy costs and consumption. [...]

Great Tips for Choosing the Right Smoke Alarm

Installing a smoke alarm is a way of taking steps to protect yourself, your family, your neighbours, and your property. Queensland legislation requires that all homes and units, including rental properties in QLD have at least one working smoke alarm on each level of their house. You can find out if there is a similar [...]

The Golden Rules of Getting it Right with Your Home Electrical Work

The Golden Rules of Getting it Right with Your Home Electrical Work Do you need Home Electrical Work?  Make sure you know where the problem areas are. While for the most part, finding a great electrician who won’t compromise your trust should be simple, there are a few rules to help you prevent any problems with [...]

Allergies, Mildew & Mould – An Air Conditioning Unit Can Help!

Allergies, Mildew & Mould - Oh My! An Air Conditioning Unit Can Help! Most people think that an air conditioning unit serves only a single function - keeping them cool while the mercury rises outside. However, it’s great to know that your air conditioning unit can also serve as a deterrent for some of the [...]

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner

Which is the right air conditioner for me? Purchasing the right air conditioner and being able to stay cool in hot temperatures is a genuine relief.  But an air conditioner purchase can often end up costly and wasteful if certain steps are not followed before you buy. In other words, there is some homework to [...]

4 Tips for Wireless Home Surround Sound Theatre Systems

So you’re ready to upgrade your home entertainment system to a wireless system. Congratulations for going wireless and eliminating more wires and cables. Even though some cabling is required with this kind of installation, no cables need to be run to connect devices since the wireless compatibility takes care of that problem. Now that you have [...]

Tips for Safe Outdoor Lighting Installation

As much as outdoor lighting enhances your home, it must also be safe. Using electricity in any outdoor area is always going to be dangerous, whether the wires are exposed, or buried underground.  The best way to remain safe, and avoid accidents or fatality, is to consult with an electrician and comply with local codes on [...]

Dryer Not Working? Avoid This Annoying Problem

Did you just reach into your dryer expecting to pull out an armful of fluffy towels only to find them damp or worse, completely wet? Faults with dryers are common and annoying, but can mostly be avoided with just a little extra attention where possible. Like your washing machine and any other home appliance you [...]

Electricians in Brisbane – why safety should be the priority of every electrical job.

When things go wrong, and you just need someone to fix the job fast, it can be a knee-jerk reaction to hire the first person you see. But if we stop to consider the damage created during an urgent situation, we’re doing ourselves a true justice. When you put safety first, you keep yourself and your family safe; [...]

What Is A Smart Meter?

Anyone who pays an electric bill knows what and where their home’s electrical meter is located.  A smart meter works by measuring the amount of electricity you use to determine your bill. How exactly do smart meters work? The great part about smart meters is that they allow a two-way road for communication unlike traditional [...]

Stormy Weather continued: the Surge Protector

As part of our storm preparation, we thought we’d give you the skinny on surge protectors.  How do they work?  Why are they a good investment? Grandma's House I’ll always remember staying at my grandmother’s house during a storm. As soon as she heard that first rumble of thunder, she’d be off. Madly running about, turning [...]

Stormy Weather: Get Your Home Storm Ready

As we enter Queensland’s notorious storm season, it’s important to storm-proof your home against the often-unpredictable Queensland stormy weather. The past few years have been tough on Queenslanders. We’ve endured some rather wild stormy weather—floods, droughts, cyclones, and severe storms. It’s important that you get your home storm ready, so we’ve put together this checklist [...]

Brisbane home owners – what should you expect from your electrician in Brisbane?

Trust and reliability These are important traits to find when you're looking for a service provider.  Someone who can repair your broken air conditioner, get your hot water system working again, or diagnose the problem with your clothes dryer. Sadly, most home owners find out the hard way, that their contractor is not up to standard. [...]

Keeping Up To Date With Electrical Safety In Your Brisbane Home

When it comes to keeping our families and homes protected from harm, most of us realise that going the extra mile is worth it. So, when it all comes down to staying safe, how can you be reassured that your electrical system is working the way it should? We break it down to a few [...]

Upgrading an old electrical system in Brisbane?

Here’s what your electrician will need to do. If you’ve purchased an older home and intend to renovate it, you’ll most likely know exactly what needs to be done with the wiring in your home - particularly if you plan to upgrade to LED Lighting. Many old homes need to be assessed for an updated [...]

Spring-Cleaning Safely

We all do it. but it's time to be serious about Spring-Cleaning Safely. Outdoor cleaning, renovations or add-ons to your outdoor living area.  Or, come Christmas time, outdoor lights, are all common things this time of year. But there are potential electrical hazards that you should be aware of before you carry out any spring-cleaning, repairs [...]

4 Ways to Save Energy In Your Home

Do you have a household budget for your home? Have you ever sat down and calculated how much your major appliances in your home actually cost to run? Reports show that major appliances take up approximately 30% of a household’s entire energy budget - a significant amount for any kind of budget. Are there areas [...]

How to Make Your Home Secure

Home Security. Not rocket science. It has been estimated that home break-ins occur every 15 seconds in suburban areas. This proves one thing: home owners are making it too easy to gain entry to their homes. Of course, even with every single safety precaution in place, it is impossible to prevent every single burglary, however, that is [...]

Why You Need a Licensed Professional to Install Your Air Conditioning Unit

Licensed Professional Air Conditioner installation Why? and how can I ensure that my contractor is up to date with industry standards? Hiring a licensed professional contractor to make changes or install permanent equipment in your home can be a stressful thing, especially if you’ve never considered it before or had to find a contractor who [...]

3 Things to Understand Before You Wire Your Home For Data

In this data-driven day and age if you have a technical or electronic question you can simply pull any teenager with some sort of electronic in hand off the street and they can answer it for you. And their answer would be right! That is the age we live in – everyone is electronically connected! [...]

The Secret Power of Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the gathering place of any home. When you throw a party, where do most people congregate? The kitchen, of course! The kitchen is the most used room in any home. A kitchen renovation is the perfect time to upgrade your functionality and ambiance. That is why it is crucial for you to [...]

General Care For Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are the unsung hero of our homes in hot weather, yet we often forget their maintenance. And then, something goes wrong that REQUIRES emergency attention. Remember these tips for Air Conditioner General Care. Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning provide premium services in both the fitting and repairs of your air conditioning unit. [...]

The dos and don’ts of home lighting

Selecting the right home lighting is one of the most important decisions you can make, but it’s a decision that is often given very little thought. Home lighting is just one of those things we take for granted—as is electricity as a whole, which we usually only come to fully appreciate when there’s a blackout; [...]

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Service for Your Home

Are you ready to install a new air conditioner, but still not sure how to make your choice? Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning have installed and serviced air conditioners as a specialty service for many years in the Brisbane region. We offer fast, convenient, and local services, so let us help you make [...]

How to Maximise Your Air Conditioner Efficiency During Summer

love the comfort and convenience of filling your home with cool air, but dread the arrival of your bills? There are many ways that you can avoid feeling the pinch when it comes to paying for it all, so why not try some this season?  The early onset of hotter days this year indicates high [...]

Air Conditioner Servicing – Handy Info, Hints, And Tips

Air Conditioning Services - Homes are heating up! Not surprisingly, many people have already switched on their air conditioning units a little earlier than usual this year, and if this speaks anything for the summer to come, then we’re in for a very warm one indeed.  Before you start turning to your air conditioning unit for [...]

Are you a Brisbane homeowner? Don’t miss these electricians tips.

Owning your own home as opposed to renting it, changes the game dramatically when it comes to maintenance and repairs. While the maintenance needs of renters are often dealt with directly through their rental agency, homeowners need to have a great referral system at their disposal should they need it. Protect your assets the easy [...]

What’s all the hype about LED?

LIGHTING OF THE FUTURE. The evolution of light sources has altered dramatically in recent times. A spike in the focus of efficient lighting over recent years has welcomed the introduction of LED lighting. LED lighting is cheaper to run, it uses less energy and has less heat output also reducing strain on room cooling. While [...]

Help! My air conditioner has stopped working, what do I do?

We’ve all been there before- you’ve every intention of enjoying the icy blast of freshness courtesy of your trusty Air Conditioner…only to find it refuses to work. Before you panic, it’s important to know that the technicians at Safe & Sure Electricians and Air Conditioning receive many calls from hot and bothered clients who can [...]

Sourcing Electricians from Gumtree – A few words of warning:

We’ve all been there before. At the worst possible time we lose power in our home, the dryer packs up or the air con stops working during a heatwave. You just want to run your day as you need to. When your next step can be the deciding factor in whether your day gets worse [...]

Flickering Lights – Should You Be Worried?

Flickering lights in your home electrics may not be a cause for concern, but if you see an unsteady light source presenting itself time and time again, it’s essential that you contact a trusted electrician and have the source of the problem assessed. While there are many reasons that a light might flicker, some are [...]

Three Main Types of Green Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Your home lighting is one of the elements of your home that provides the atmosphere you want in a given indoor or outdoor space. The quality of the lighting you choose will determine how well it satisfies your comfort levels. When you are interested in being energy efficient and environmentally friendly with your home lighting, [...]

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

Home Owners and Lessors, are you informed and up to date about the legislations surrounding Smoke Alarms in Queensland’s new lessor/tenancy agreements?  With more than 50 families every year losing a member to a house fire in Australia, it’s always a good time to make sure your smoke alarm system is functioning at optimal levels. [...]

Quicker than a ray of light: The 411 on LED lights

Once upon a time, the only time you saw LED globe (aka LED lights) was in a Star Wars movie, the weapon of choice for George Lucas’ Jedi Knights. For a long time, that’s all LED lights were: an overpriced novelty, and for that very reason, the use of LED globe in lamps and light [...]

Unsafe DIY electrical jobs cause 14,000 injuries per year.

Here’s how to stay safe. With all the information available on the web about DIY fixes and saving money by avoiding the expense of having a tradesperson solve your problem, it can become tempting to try and resolve your electrical problems yourself. If this sounds like you, we urge you to think twice! Poorly planned [...]

April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’

APRIL 1ST IS AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ‘DON’T BE A FOOL’ DAY. ARE YOU PREPARED? Dedicated to promoting safety and awareness through monitored checks of your home’s smoke alarm system, April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’. Behind the humour in the catchy title, there’s an important message of awareness, and a critical need for [...]

Looking for an Electrician in Brisbane? Read our checklist first.

Are you looking for a trusted Professional Electrician in Brisbane and surrounding areas? We’ve developed a checklist to make it easy for you to find an electrician you’ll want to add to your contacts list for future reference. Firstly, it’s important to accept that hiring the right person goes further than simply finding a sparkie [...]

Solar Power- is this power source right for me?

With the increase of people choosing to benefit from natural energy solutions, you may be considering making the swap to a cleaner, money saving solution for yourself. What is Solar Energy? Solar radiation, or energy from the sun, provides us with more than enough energy to power our everyday appliances and facilities. Energy from the [...]

Hiring an Electrician – What to Include on Your Checklist

Electricians are experts trained to handle anything electrical. Wiring, rewiring, repairs, and replacements for your electrical system must be handled by a qualified electrician. According to the NSW Fair Trading website, it is illegal for anyone other than a licenced electrical to handle the installation, repairs, alterations, removal, or addition of any kind of electrical [...]

How to cool every room in your home on a split system air conditioner

Is your air conditioner failing to cool every room in your home? This is a common problem with many split system air conditioners today, and there are many reasons why it happens. Find out what it takes to Stay Cool! Let’s say your split system air conditioner is based in your open space kitchen and [...]

The best reasons to call your electrician

Are you a problem procrastinator? Do you find yourself putting minor concerns on the backburner time and time again, letting them bubble away while you go about your day? Don’t underestimate the importance of being on top of your home electrical maintenance. Ignoring an electrical quirk can be a mistake you can’t afford to make. [...]

Does your home need rewiring?

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, it isn’t always easy to tell if your home requires electrical rewiring.  There are many hidden reasons that can inhibit the safety of your home and your family, so without a real reason to go ahead and make the appropriate change, assessing the need for home rewiring is often a [...]

Are You Interested in Switching to Tariff 33?

Unsure of the benefits to you? Want to know how to go about it? Up to 60% of Queenslanders have currently applied for and are taking advantage of the savings Tariff 33 has to offer. This economy tariff works by reducing the peak demand of electrical needs by up to a 32% of overall costs, and [...]

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