A Guide to building an energy efficient home

Energy consumption is a significant portion of most homeowners’ budgets. If you’re building or renovating your home, now is the time to make some wise choices when it comes to energy efficiency. Not only will you save money on your energy costs, but the more energy efficient a home is, the better it is for our environment.

Here are a few things to consider as you plan your energy efficient home.

Solar Panels

Modern solar panel systems are more efficient than ever, providing homes with a reliable source of energy from a renewable source – the sun! New materials and designs make it possible to provide up to 100% of a home’s energy needs. Installing solar panels is an economical and efficient way to decrease your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

It’s important to choose quality solar panels and a reputable inverter so you know you can rely on the system to work efficiently for many years. Cheap models save you money in the short term but soon fail, usually right when you need them. Have your quality system installed by an accredited installer. Safe and Sure has been accredited as an installer by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, after meeting rigorous training and testing requirements as part of the certification process.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you select the right solar panel system and ensure your solar installation is done safely.

Power Storage – Solar Batteries

To optimise your energy efficiency, you may want to include solar batteries with your solar panel installation. The technology and materials used in today’s solar batteries make them a safe and dependable means of storing your excess power for later use.

We will help you choose the right battery for your solar panel system’s design and your home’s pattern of energy consumption. We have the training and expertise to ensure your solar battery is safely installed to provide you and your family with a reliable, worry-free source of energy.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Efficient lighting can help you reduce your overall energy consumption.

Consider how you will use the lighting in a specific room before you install lights. For example, connect your bathroom lights to a sensor that will automatically switch on and off as people enter and leave the room, so you use energy only when its needed. Try using pendant-style lights in your dining area and pair them with a dimmer to reduce energy use while creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Use lighting solutions that accept the new CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) or LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). These new lighting solutions use only 10 to 30 percent of the energy used by a standard incandescent light bulb, and they last much longer. Old light globes might last a year, if you are lucky, but CFLs and LEDs can last from 4 to 30 years, making up for their increased upfront cost.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Before choosing appliances to use in the home, research them and check their energy rating at http://www.energyrating.gov.au/. Many major home appliances will come with an energy rating label on their packaging, which makes it easier to compare the energy usage and running costs of most of the more expensive appliances you will use in your home, such as your hot water heater or air conditioner.

While many appliances may seem attractive due to their low up-front purchase price, they might actually cost you more in the long run because of their ongoing energy use. The more energy efficient your home appliances are, the more you will save!

Encourage Good Energy Habits

You can further reduce your energy consumption by adopting good energy habits. For example, rather than turning on the lights in the morning, try opening your curtains instead. Always turn the lights off when you leave a room or connect them to a sensor that will do it for you. Use white or another light colour on your walls to reflect light and make rooms seem brighter. Keep your windows covered on hot days to block light and heat from entering and reduce the need for air-conditioning. Use a two-way switch at each end of your hallway so you can turn lights on and off after each trip.

There are lots of simple habits we should all adopt to reduce our energy consumption and lower our costs. The best thing we can do, however, is to choose an energy system which is right for the home and have it professionally installed.

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