5 signs your split system air conditioner needs to be replaced

The split system air conditioner is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home and in our climate, it’s a necessity. Don’t wait until your unit breaks down before you pay it any attention. Replacing the unit is easy and it gives you the opportunity to replace it with a modern energy efficient model and save on energy costs.

We can repair an older model split system for you which will give it some more time, but if it’s showing any of these signs, your best decision is to replace it. With our current Rinnai replacement offer now is the time to really think about if it’s worth the repair or replacement.

1. Age

With regular service, your system should last for around 10 years although you might have difficulty finding parts for the unit once they get close to that date. If you’re very lucky, the split system might last for 15 years but at that stage it will be worn out, out-of-date and ready to be replaced.

2. Reduced or no airflow

If you’re turning the fan up higher and higher yet not noticing any air flow, it’s a good sign your split system needs to be replaced. Check the filters to make sure they are clean but if the air is still not flowing as it should, your compressor isn’t working properly. It’s time for a new system to be installed.

3. Low energy efficiency

Have you noticed n increase in your power bills despite your efforts to reduce it? When your air conditioning system starts to struggle, you’ll find yourself turning it up or increasing the fan speed which sucks up more energy. Even when they are working well, older model split systems are nowhere near as efficient as the latest models.

4. Strange noises

Properly functioning systems should be quiet and unnoticeable, so if you start to hear new sounds coming from the air conditioner, something is wrong. Most people describe sounds such as grinding, squeaking or even banging. If your unit is older, it could be reaching the end of its lifespan but if not, the problem could be fixable. The longer you leave it, the more chance you have of causing more damage to the unit or even destroying it. It’s also dangerous to operate it while it’s no functioning properly.

5. Bad odours

Because your air conditioner affects the quality of the air you’re breathing it’s important to get some help if you start to smell something that’s abnormal. There are many reasons why air conditioners might emit bad odours including blocked pipes or dead rodents and bugs inside the unit. A professional service will fix these issues can be fixed but the cause of the funny odours may be something much worse, such as damaged insulation and excessive mould. If you’ve had unit cleaned recently and it’s still producing strange odours, then consider a replacement.

No air conditioning system will run forever even if they are serviced and cleaned regularly. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of replacing your system, consider this.

Spare parts are expensive and eventually they’ll become obsolete, so you’ll have to replace your unit eventually. Why spend your hard-earned money on maintaining an old and inefficient unit when you could buy a modern, energy efficient model instead?

If you’re considering replacing your old air conditioner, call the qualified and licensed electricians at Safe & Sure today. We’ll give you our expert advice and service.

Does your air con show any of these signs? We’d love to hear from you.

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