5 new electrical tech items to consider installing when renovating or building your home

Modern technology is making life easy so why not take advantage of it, especially if it can help you save money on your electricity costs.

People love gadgets so choose those your family will want to use and they’ll all help reduce your power usage without realising it.

Here are a few of the clever gadgets we’ve seen lately.

  1. USB Power points

These are a great idea. When you think about the number of different leads and chargers you need to power your devices, it’s no wonder it’s hard to keep everything powered up during your busy day. A USB power point will make life easier. Just plug your device directly into the USB power socket and charge. Your devices will charge faster, too.

  1. Wi-Fi Air conditioning

What a great invention. Forgot to turn the air conditioner off when you left home? No problem. Do it through your smartphone. Want to cool the house down before you get home? No problem. Turn it on and set the temperature with your smartphone. It’s the ultimate in convenience and energy saving. Using your mobile device, you can control the temperature in your home from wherever you are. The unit is programmable so you can set your on/off timing for a week in advance.

We love this technology so much that we’re offering a special changeover deal on Rinnai system with WI FI right now (click here to find out more). Take control of your temperature and your energy use with this clever technology.

  1. Sensor fans

Ceiling fans are great for air circulation and they cost very little to run. Now, Big Ass Fans (yes, that really is the business name) have created SenseMe which has taken climate control to a whole new level. It thinks for itself. With Wi-Fi connectivity included, the fan can be controlled using your smartphone. But there’s more. The system has inbuilt sensors, so it turns on when someone enters the room. The sensors can also monitor the temperature of the room and turn on when the temperature reaches a set level. It will speed up when the temperature is hot and slow down as it drops. This is climate control like you’ve never seen it before.

  1. Sensor lights

Just like the sensor fan, sensor lights will turn on or off by themselves, so you don’t have to remind people to turn the lights off behind them. The sensor is notion activated so it will turn the lights on if you have to get up in the night and turn them off again when you get back to bed. These are handy inside and outside the house. Giving you light when you need it and saving you money by turning off when you no longer need them.

  1. LED lighting

LED lighting saves you money and gives you ore control over the quality of the lighting in your home. They use far less energy – up to 85% less than standard halogen globes – but deliver clear quality light. They last around 20 times longer than standard globes, too. With more control over your light, you can set the mood for each room. Use a warm colour for areas where you relax and a cool colour for work spaces. Such simple choices have a big impact on your mood.

Technology is there to make our lives better so let’s use it. If you’re building or renovating your home, don’t just update your paintwork. Include some of these clever gadgets to make your home a better place to live.

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