4 Ways to Save Energy In Your Home

Do you have a household budget for your home? Have you ever sat down and calculated how much your major appliances in your home actually cost to run? Reports show that major appliances take up approximately 30% of a household’s entire energy budget – a significant amount for any kind of budget. Are there areas where you could Save Energy at Home? Of course there are. Here are a few points to look into.

Heating your Home

The HVAC system is the heart of every home. It controls the heat, air conditioning, and ventilation throughout the entire home. There are many areas to Save Energy at Home here. Insulating and sealing all of the ducts and air leaks, having your system checked and serviced twice a year and the filters changed, and lastly, installing a simple programmable thermostat could save your family at least 20%.

Heating your Water

A typical water heater consumes approximately 14% of home energy costs. This is because it never truly stops working. It works to keep hot water for the laundry, dishes, and the bathroom. Replacing your water heater with a tank-less heater is the best idea for cost efficiency. This way the water is only heated as it is needed. Having a typical water heater set to high will waste money quickly simply due to the heat loss.

Cleaning your Clothes

Washing and drying your clothing is essential, but it is also sucking funds out of your budget. Washers and dryers use approximately 13% of your home’s energy expense. One sure fire way to Save Energy at Home in this department is to wash full loads only, and in cold water. Cold water washes clothing just as well as hot water does, and in Sunny Queensland – using a washing line to dry your clothes is a no-brainer!

Controlling your Entertainment

With all the smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and stereos being introduced into our homes our efficiency concerns seem to go out the window more and more every day. These devices actually use approximately 3% of your energy costs. By using an energy efficient power strip you can save energy and money. You can save even more by shutting the power strip off each night.

There are always ways to save money and energy when your home is concerned. Save Energy at Home and extend the life of your appliances as well as put some much needed money back into your pocket!

If you are interested in learning more ways to Save Energy at Home, or in having an energy audit performed in your home, please contact us today!

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