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Why You Need a Licensed Professional to Install Your Air Conditioning Unit

Ready to have your air conditioner installed? Find out why it’s so important to make sure your unit is installed by a licensed professional, and how you can ensure that your contractor is up to date with industry standards.

Hiring a contractor to make changes or install permanent equipment in your home can be a stressful thing, especially if you’ve never considered it before or had to find a contractor who does this kind of work. It’s something we want done quickly with minimum fuss, and often the choice and range in quotes is overwhelming.

Word of mouth vs online search.

While word of mouth recommendations are great and are very often the way people find a good local contractor, it’s essential to make sure your contractor is licensed to make those changes to your home. That’s why it’s essential to check, every time.

There are many aspects of air conditioner installations that can and will go wrong when left up to someone without relevant experience. Failing to check up on your contractor can lead to costly damage or appliances that don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Their license number should be displayed on their business card, vehicles and website.

Keep an eye out for ‘other’ hidden costs.

Inexperienced tradespeople often offer very competitive rates or extremely convenient services, but this may come as a price. Lack of industry knowledge about the type of unit suited for your home, basic installation and maintenance may be missing from their repertoire.

Beware of scams.

Beware of doorknockers offering electrical services or similar – very often an unlicensed person operates in this way. Before you accept a great deal, make certain your provider is licensed and can offer you a standard worth paying for. Never let an unregistered electrician service your air conditioner, as your appliance may be compromised out of warranty conditions.

Ask to see a license.

It’s always ok to ask your tradesperson for their license and credentials before agreeing to a job – this will never offend a licensed air conditioning technician. The presence of this license means you get premium service and the warranty of your machine is not compromised by poor tradesmanship. Companies that make  air conditioners only trust licensed professionals to fix their units if anything goes wrong. Air conditioning technicians are licensed by ARCtick – Australian Refrigeration Council.

Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning are licensed professionals in fitting and servicing air conditioning units. As a licensed body, we are qualified to repair and fit air conditioners in your home. If you’d like the peace of mind of a licensed professional to repair or install your air conditioner, please call us today.

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