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The dos and don’ts of home lighting

lightingSelecting the right lighting for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make, but it’s a decision that is often given very little thought. Lighting is just one of those things we take for granted—as is electricity as a whole, which we usually only come to fully appreciate when there’s a blackout; say, mid-way through the final episode of Breaking Bad!

But aside from being a basic necessity in your home, lighting and the choice you make, can often make or break a room. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the dos and don’ts of lighting, so you can create the perfectly lit space in your home.

Do: Use a combination of table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and overhead fixtures.

You don’t need to use them in every room, but there should be at least two in each. Using different varieties of light also helps to give a room atmosphere.

Don’t: Ignore the importance of lighting in task areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Ceiling fixtures are a must, however, don’t forget that bench tops and other areas need to be well lit, too, and ceiling lights may not cut it in those areas. Also include some recessed lights in those spaces.

Do: Use chandeliers in unexpected places, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

They’re not just for dining rooms anymore! But again, don’t forget to use a combination of lighting in these areas.

Don’t: Forget to add dimmers!

If possible, add dimmers to every light in your home. Being able to adjust the light immediately adds ambiance to a room, especially when
used in conjunction with other forms of lighting.

Do: Remember the importance of light bulbs.

Avoid anything too fluorescent or yellow. Crisp white lights are always best, and if they’re too bright—use the dimmer!

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