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Split System Air Conditioner Service

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Across Brisbane


Air conditioning units are one of the hardest working yet most neglected household appliances.

Everyone wants an air conditioner that performs at peak levels season in and season out, but Brisbane’s humidity and the saltiness of coastal air can both take a serious toll on the inside and outside components of your split system air conditioner.

That’s why it’s so important not to neglect a split system air conditioner service.

For only $179, Safe & Sure will conduct a six point air conditioning service to keep your system cooler, for longer, for less.

A well-serviced split system air conditioner unit will cool, heat and dehumidify your home more effectively and will last for many years.

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Does My Split Air Conditioner Need A Service?

Using a remote with a split air conditioner

Here are some of the top indicators that it’s time for a split air conditioning service are:

  • Your split system is making unusual noises; a noise in your air conditioner could be a result of mechanical components failing or rubbing against each other
  • A funny smell coming out of your system; a burning smell would indicate mechanical/electrical failure, turn off the unit and don’t use until an air conditioning electrician inspects it
  • Reduce air flow from your system; if the flow of air feels reduced it maybe a result of dirty filters
  • Water is pooling or leaking out the inside head unit; there is most likely a blockage the qualified technician will have to come and clear
  • Mould, mildew or dust are evident on the blades of your air conditioner is a sign to get your air conditioner cleaned so you’re breathing cleaner air
  • You have never had your air conditioner serviced or it’s been longer than 12 months. Regular cleaning and servicing maintenance is required as part of your manufacturer’s warranty. It prevents the risk of unit breakdowns
  • A household member smokes indoors

If your split system air conditioner is subject to any of these conditions, don’t wait around for something to go wrong! The last thing anyone wants is an air conditioner that fails on a particularly hot day.

By booking a split system air conditioner service in Brisbane today, you can reduce your power consumption, lower your unit’s repair costs, increase the longevity of your unit, be breathing cleaner air and noticeably improve its heating and cooling capacity.

Breathe cleaner air today – A full air conditioner service for only $179!! (Inc GST)


Split System Air Conditioner Service – Our Six Step Process

At Safe & Sure we offer a split system air conditioning service across Brisbane to keep your system running at its best all year and your power bill down.

We only use qualified licensed electricians to service your units:

  1. Visual inspection of the inside of the unit at potential problem points and common areas of concern
  2. Cleaning and deodorising filters and cowling with an eco-friendly solution that maximises filtering
  3. Descaling of the coil, cleaning the drain and monitoring the flow of the cooling system
  4. Cleaning the indoor unit cover and removing any debris that may obstruct the filter
  5. Checking the outdoor unit, including the fan, cleaning the area around it and ensuring the area is free of debris
  6. Checking the installation of exposed pipes is still functional


Our Multi Air Conditioner Unit Discount

If you’ve got more than one air conditioner in your home, you’ll be amazed at the savings you can make by servicing all of your units at once.

Take advantage of our multi-unit discount and book a split air conditioning service for all of your units today.

The savings in electricity use and reductions in repair costs an annual service gives you will easily cover the cost of your tune-up and then some!

Risks of Neglected Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, the old “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” adage couldn’t be further from the truth. The consequences of not servicing your air conditioner can include:

• Risking contamination of your home’s air with bacteria
• Excessive energy use
• Reduced heating and cooling ability
• Need for avoidable major repairs and replacement

Conducting a yearly split system air conditioner service helps you monitor any parts that may be on their way out, particularly in older systems. The majority of air conditioners that we repair haven’t been serviced and some breakdowns could have been prevented with regular servicing.

Hint: If you are going to install a new air conditioning system, have your installer set up an annual service so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Does Your Split System Air Conditioner Need a Major Service?

Air conditioners that haven’t been regularly serviced, or never serviced at all, may need a major service.

Safe & Sure’s major split system service involves dismantling and cleaning – particularly the fan-barrel and drain pan.

This is usually required when there is significant dirt, mould or debris built up internally. If your air conditioner needs a major service, you’ll usually be able to see its poor condition from the outside of the unit.

Tar build-up from indoor smoking is also another common reason to get a major service. Major services take longer than the standard service and extra charges apply.


Split System Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

If you’ve been looking after your air conditioner’s filters and aren’t due for a split system air conditioner service but your unit still isn’t performing well, ask yourself the following questions:

If you think your split system air conditioning unit requires a repair, you can find out more information on our air conditioner repairs page