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LG Air Conditioner

With the latest technology & sleek design, the LG air conditioner from their Stylish range will look right at home on your wall. For people that love technology and have an ‘inner geek’  the features the LG Air Conditioner offers are superior. The technology offers you greater control over your energy usage, wi-fi smart control (turns your phone into a remote) and pre-installed peak smart technology.  LG being a Korean company loves all things gadget and they don’t disappoint with these air conditioners.  LG offer great value for money air conditioners.

LG Stylish Air Conditioner Series

LG’s Active Energy Control

LG air conditioners are fitted with ‘Active Energy Control’ which is a great feature to provide you with control energy consumption manually.  There are 3 options you can set on your remote depending on the level of people and activity in the room the air conditioner is running. Energy control setting Level 1 (use if there’s medium level of people & activity) can reduce your energy consumption by 36%; Level 2 (low level of people & activity) reduces energy consumption by 64%.

Advanced Air Filtration

The LG Stylish Air Conditioner is fitted with a micro protection filter. It promises to be a high air flow filter with low noise, uses electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles including allergens such as pollen and dust.

Fitted with its ‘Plasmaster’ technology, the LG air conditioner provides ‘Auto Cleaning’ to help minimise formation of bacteria and mould on the heat exchanger.

Wi-Fi Smart Control

Wi-fi smart control can help you keep your energy running costs down, it will provide you with real time energy usage information, you can even set alerts for your limits. The LG Smart AC app will let you set desired temperature, set operation modes (cool, heat, eco, fan etc), adjust fan speeds and save your favourite settings. Never fear loosing an air conditioning remote control again!!*


*WLAN Module required for wi-fi smart control. It’s a little plug-in device sold in addition to unit.

We Can Provide You With a Customised FREE Quote

We will happily come to your home or business and assess your exact needs and requirements, therefore we can provide you with the best recommended air conditioning unit for the job. We consider your environment the air conditioning unit is going to be operating in, the expected usage, the aspect of the room, the materials your home is built from. Choosing the correct air conditioning unit is more than just a square meter calculation, let us help you get it right!

Not Only Do We Install, But We Service and Repair!

The great thing about our ‘sales people’ is they are the air conditioning technicians with many many years experience. Our technicians not only install the air conditioning units, they’re the guys that service and repair them too…. what they don’t know about air conditioning…well it’s just not worth knowing. So if ever you have an issue, we’ll be able to provide the support to have you getting cooler or warmer as soon as we can.

Cash Back With Energex PeakSmart

There’s never been a better time to get a new LG Air Conditioner, as you’ll receive a cash back from Energex. Contact us today to book your FREE air conditioning QUOTE.

So call us today, our professional technicians can walk through your home with you to discuss your best options.

No Interest Ever!* payment plans available for Supply & Install Air Conditioning, contact us to find out more.


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