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As a family owned and operated business since 2010, we know the importance of trust and customer service. That’s why our promise to you is – Love It Or We Return For Free!
Our passion is that you – our customer, be happy with the work we carry out for you. If you experience an issue due to our workmanship on new installations, you can have peace of mind that we will return for free during the product warranty period.


New solar panel systems, same trusted service


Considering solar panels for your Brisbane home or office?

We have qualified technicians ready to installmaintain or repair solar systems across Brisbane. They are experts in ensuring you receive the right set-up for your needs and usage.

You’ll get the same honest, upfront service that we’re known for, together with our years of experience on what works best for any structure or configuration.

Whether you want to set up a new solar power system or are looking to upgrade what you already have, Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar will see to it that you’ll get the most efficient solar panels for your needs and budget.

Solar Panel Installation & Maintenance Across Brisbane

With Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar, your solar power system will be high-quality and among the best available in the market.

We only use parts and equipment from reputable companies who are trusted names in the industry and have long histories of providing reliable products.

This means no second-guessing whether your system will hold up or perform as well as it could even years after its installation.

Our licensed specialists are fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council, ensuring their expertise on solar power installation and making them more than qualified to carry out the job.

We don’t employ sub-contractors for our service, our team of installers are also permanent in-house electricians, who have extensive experience installing solar power systems in a variety of homes and buildings. This allows us to maintain the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar.





Interest Free Solar

As beneficial and eco-friendly as solar panels can be, there’s no denying that installing them in your home or office often requires considerable investment. It is, after all, a major addition to any home or building. The good news, though, is that solar panels installation services aren’t as costly or expensive as you may think.

Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar offers interest-free payment plans that allow you to start getting the benefits of solar panels without having to spend as much upfront for its installation. And because these payment plans have no interest, you can be sure that its cost won’t increase over time.

Now, you won’t have to wait until you have all the cash before installing a solar power system. Simply use one of our interest-free payment plans, and you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits sooner than expected. Starting saving money using the sun now!

Solar Repairs

If your existing solar panels need repairs of any kind, we can get the job done with minimal fuss and downtime.

Some signs that your solar power system or panels may need repairing include:

  • If your system’s display is showing a fault code
  • The display appears to be blank or switched off
  • Your property has recently suffered a hail storm
  • Your daily output is not as high as before (on a sun filled day).

As certified solar electricians in the field, we know how to get your system back to working order. Whether your system needs new parts or perhaps a replacement – we’ll always get the job done.

We’re passionate about helping people save big on their energy bills, and we hate seeing people get stuck with inefficient solar power setups. So if we ever think that you could do better and get more out of what you currently have (whether it’s from us or another company), we’ll definitely let you know.

We’ll even share our tips and best practices for getting the most out of your system and increasing it efficiency.

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To get the most out of your solar panel installation, it’s important to get it serviced regularly to ensure it stays in peak condition. But unlike what many people may think, getting it serviced by a team of professionals will make a significant difference.

Our solar electricians of qualified and experienced solar electricians will know what to look for when servicing your solar power system, and they’ll be able to identify problem areas before they even become an issue. This can save you a lot of time and money down the road and ensures that your system continues to work as well as it can throughout its lifetime.

When it comes to your solar panels in Brisbane, it’s often better to be safe than sorry. Getting your system serviced regularly by professionals guarantees that you’re getting the best returns on your investment.

After all, what’s the point of investing in a solar power system if you’re not generating as much power and electricity from it as you can? Get in touch with us today and have our experts check to see if your solar power system is working as well as it could be.

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System Upgrades

With some inverters it’s possible to have panels added to maximise your solar output.

Whether you’re looking for a step up from what you currently use or you want new top-of-the-line parts and equipment, our team of experts will help you get the best upgrades for your solar system.

Our solar specialists have worked with several types of solar power systems, so you can be sure that they’ll know what will work best for your particular case. Also, we only use high-quality inverters, panels, and other parts from reputable companies, so quality will never be an issue when working with us.

And because we have a list of trusted suppliers and companies that we work with, we’ll easily be able to find the best upgrade for your system, whatever your budget may be.

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Battery Back-Up

For many users, a battery back-up is always a welcome addition to any solar power system. A battery back-up lets you store some of the energy you’ve generated from your solar panels instead of feeding it back into the main grid.

This effectively gives you another energy source for your home or office, helping you reduce your energy bills and providing electricity during power outages.

If you’re interested in adding a battery back-up for your solar power system, contact us today and we’ll find the one that best fits yours needs. With all our new solar system installs we’re offering the option of battery ready inverters.

With our team of experts and our selection of products from reputable suppliers, getting a battery back-up that works seamlessly with your solar power system will be easier than ever.

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System Recalls

Just like any other field, product recalls occasionally happen in the solar power industry. If any part of solar power system needs replacement because of a product recall, don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you can.

Our technicians are always ready to assist with recalls, and as we only use certified professionals, we are more than happy to offer alternative parts and solutions.

We also lessen the risk of potential recalls by sourcing our solar panel system and parts only from reputable companies. This reduces the chances of faulty equipment from the start and makes it easier to obtain replacements if a product recall is ever needed.

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Things To Consider With Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panels, there can be many factors to consider. No two houses are the same, and no solar power system will work perfectly on every type of building.

But whatever your situation may be, it’s always best to consider the following factors when installing a power system:

  • Quality inverters
  • Tier 1-rated Panels
  • Correct installation of system
  • Long-term manufacturers
  • Australian-based warranties

This is precisely where our experience will benefit you the most. Our experts have been doing solar panel installations Brisbane wide for years, gaining the insights and the practical knowledge for what works best in different situations.

That way, when you work with us, you’ll know that your solar power system is as good and efficient as it could possibly be. No second-guesses and no what-ifs.

Why You Should Choose A Safe & Sure Electrician For Your Solar Installation

These days, there are several solar power companies out there – perhaps more than enough to leave you undecided.

We make the choice easy by providing a complete solar installation service and providing:

  • Experienced and licensed solar power electricians
  • High-quality panels and inverters
  • Value-priced systems
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Interest free payment plans

No matter where you are in Brisbane, let our expert electricians help you get the most out of solar panels and solar energy system. Call us at 1300 507 735 and get started today!

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