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Solar Panel System Recalls

Solar DC Isolator Switch Safety Recall

If you chose Safe & Sure to be your solar power installer you can have peace of mind with your solar power system. Safe & Sure did not install any branded DC Isolator switches currently on recall.

The most recent brand to go on recall is Avanco (see bottom of page for previous other brands). According to the recall order issued by Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, there are 27,600 Avanco isolator switches on recall -that’s alot of homes and business potentially at fire risk!

Why Is the DC Isolator On Safety Recall?

The recalled isolator is at risk of overheating and catching fire, so we implore the public to take the few minutes to go outside and look at their isolator switch so that your life and your family are not at risk of house fire. There were various numbers reported by the media from 40 – 70 isolators having burnt up and started fires.

Safe & Sure Are Here To Help

If you are unsure of your isolator switch, please take a photo with your smart phone and email to Safe & Sure to view, along with your best contact number and name.

One of our electricians can then access your case immediately, we will contact you to advise outcome. We will organise to come out and changeover if required.

Where To Find Your Isolator On Your Solar System

There is definitely one, possibily two DC Isolators on your solar power system. The first switch is located next to your inverter -as shown in the picture below.

The more modern (recent) installations will have a second isolator switch up on the roof. If you have a recalled isolator next to your inverter, it is not necessary for you to get on the roof as you will need an electrician to come and do a changeover anyway, our electrician can check the roof isolator switch for you.

The Queensland Electrical Safe office has recommended immediate shut down of your solar system.

Where to find your DC Isolator on your solar system

Where to find your DC Isolator on your solar system


Recalled DC Isolator Switch Changeover

Our team of qualified electricians have already been out replacing the recalled switches with new switches. The recall orders are to have them be replaced.

The company that imported and sold the switches Advancetech has gone into voluntary liquidation and recent media articles report dispute as to who is responsible for dealing with the compliance with the recall order (aka they’re unlikely to pay!).

Avanco DC Isolators

Avanco DC Isolators were recalled on the 8th May 2014 by the Queensland Attorney-General due to fire risk. They were sold between 1 January 2012 – 24 February 20214.

Avanco Solar System DC Isolator Switches

Avanco Solar System DC Isolator Switches


PV Power DC Isolators

PVPower DC Isolators were recalled on the 4th March 2014 by the ACCC due to risk it may overheat and cause fire. The product was sold across Australia, including Queensland between 1st August 2012 – 30th August 2013.

Recalled PV Power Solar System DC Isolator

Recalled PV Power Solar System DC Isolator


NHP DC Isolator

NHP DC Isolators were recalled on the 19th February 2014 voluntarily by the company. The switches were sold 11 July 2013 – 11 February 2014 .

The NHP recall is for a different reason to the above mentioned fire risk isolator switches.

NHP risk is electric shock, their website states “switches that results in the situation whereby the switch handle position may not be indicative of the contact position, i.e. the switch may show that power is “OFF” but the contacts are closed in the “ON” position, or vice versa”.

The affected batch are as follows:

  • All serial numbers from X2013 through to X3813, whereby the “X” can be any number between 1 and 5.

Recalled NHP Solar System DC Isolator

Recalled NHP Solar System DC Isolator


How To Shutdown Your Solar System

If you find you have a recalled Solar DC Isolator installed, you are required to shut down your solar system immediately. This is the procedure stated on the Electrical Safety Office Queensland website.

The shutdown procedure is the safe order of turning off the solar power system. The procedure may be on a label in the switchboard where you would find the main power switch for your house, or in the literature left by the installer. You should follow the procedure supplied with your system.”
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