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Up To $500 Cash Back on Panasonic Z Series Split Air Conditioning, with $0 Deposit Payment Plans


$0 Deposit, and up to $500 cash back on Panasonic Split Air Conditioners up to 5kw on Panasonic Z Series Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioning Range.
Safe & Sure offers FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE on Split System Air Conditioning.


Panasonic Z Series – Reverse Cycle Premium Split Air Conditioner Range

Panasonic Z Series Split Air Conditioning CS-Z25TKR


  • 2017 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers
  • Intelligent Eco Sensors – means less on your electricity bill!
    • Absence Detection – reduces heating/cooling power when you’re not around
    • Sunlight Detection – adjust powers to combat sunlight intensity
    • Temperature Wave – controlled temperature pattern, balancing energy savings with comfort
    • Area Search – directs airflow to wherever you are in the room
    • Activity Detection – adjust cooling/heating power to your daily activities
  • Aero Series – room “shower cooling” feature minimises uncomfortable direct airflow chill.


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