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Great Home Lighting Tips for Every Room in Your Home

It’s pretty common for homeowners to fail to think out their home lighting solutions. More often than not, they choose whatever looks best or whatever fits within their budget instead of thinking of choosing their home lighting on a strategic level.

How do you choose lighting on a strategic level? Simply put, you choose lighting according to the type of environment or atmosphere you want for each room. Another strategy for choosing lighting starts with understanding that having the appropriate type and amount of lighting in a given room is important to eye health.

What are the important factors you should consider when choosing home lighting for individual rooms in your home? The following can be used as your guide to taking a strategic approach to your home lighting.


You cannot skimp on quality lighting in this room because it’s important for getting ready for work, school, as well as for creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Ideally your bathroom lighting switch could give you four different lighting options.

For example:

  • Bright lighting around the mirror is suitable for putting on your makeup, shaving, and performing other grooming routines, LED lights have high illumination and low running costs. Depending on how wide your bathroom sink bench is, you may want to install 3-5 LED downlights in the ceiling above.
  • Indirect or some kind of soft lighting is better for creating a relaxing atmosphere like you would want for taking a relaxing bath, this can be achieve with downlights on a dimmer.
  • Under the cabinet lighting is also a good solution for night time lighting, particularly using LED strip lighting as you can select a warm colour and lower illumination.
  • Separate exhaust fan (to help extract the steam) and heat lamps. Heat lamps cost a lot to run in power and fortunately living in a warm climate we don’t need to use them much of the year, you don’t need to purchase an exhaust fan that has them, heat lamps can be installed separately.
  • Cost saving tip – consider putting a set of lights on a sensor! The sensor is activated when someone steps inside the bathroom and is set to turn off after a certain time. That means the kids or guests will never cost you money by leaving the bathroom lights on when not in use!
  • Ultimate luxury tip – install some speakers in the ceiling with a switch point to connect your smart phone so you play some great tunes while you’re soaking in the bath.


The kitchen is a hub today’s average home. It’s where you enjoy family meals, but it’s also where you entertain and socialise. The cooking area should have ample lighting to prevent eye strain and to create a safe area for cooking. LED downlights are a popular ceiling installation choice due to their bright illumination and can easily distribute these LED down lights across the cooking area for even illumination of the room.

Kitchen lighting where you eat and socialise should provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Pendant lights are excellent for kitchen eating areas and you can put them on a dimmer so you can brighten for homework duties or dim for dining with atmosphere. These days there is everything from vintage pendants, colonial style through to sleek modern and coloured pendants. You can change the whole look of your kitchen just by changing your pendants. Wood, metal and glass have been the trend of recent years.

Under mount on benches LED lighting strips can be great for creating night time ambiance, so you kitchen lighting switch would start with a minimum of three plus a dimmer.

Modern convenience tip – ok this one isn’t about lights but your power points on your kitchen bench… always make sure they’re a double point (they’re actually cheaper than a single point due to higher mass production) AND make sure it has a USB point for easy charging of your all modern devices -no more searching for and buying extra power packs. And no more unsightly clutter on the bench.


The dining room is often an intimate home space that requires soft or warm lighting. Lights on dimmers and hanging lamps work well in the dining room. Cluster numerous pendant lights together has been recent lighting fashion trend. One running cost consideration is if you purchase a light with many bulbs, you’re paying for the running cost of all those bulbs.

Staircase and Hallway

Safety is the biggest consideration in choosing staircase and hallway lighting. Bright lighting from overhead or varying different step levels LED wall lights. The good thing with LED lights is you can leave them on for a long period of time with low running electricity costs. You can make use of transitional lighting in these areas to create an ambiance at night, but with a focus on safety with main overhead lighting.


The lounge is most often used for watching movies, television, and for entertaining family and friends. An overhead form of lighting is nice as long as you use dimmers so you can reduce the amount of light in the room when watching television. It creates a nice, warm, and inviting environment. Lamps are also nice in the lounge for extra lighting that won’t take away from the overall atmosphere you want to create.


The best strategy for the bedroom is a minimum two switch design. Put some nice bright LED downlights for the evenings you feel like doing a cleaning frenzy or for doing the best review of your outfit in the mirror (we would recommend them on a dimmer as well). The second lighting switch and light choice should be mood lighting around your bed. Either wall mounted reading lights above each side of the bed, or recent trends have been pendants that hangover your bedside tables.

Good thinking tip: You can put your bedroom lights on a two-way switch, that means you can turn them on at the door and turn them off beside your bed after you hop in!

Modern convenience tip: USB power points beside the beside table can be handy for charging your smart phones over night.  Bedrooms are where everyone sleeps and relaxes, so lighting fixtures that are subtle and style to  induce setting that mood. This is a room where you want to keep the lighting soft to induce relaxation and sleep.


These are the basic considerations for making strategic decisions about your home lighting. As you plan for lighting individual rooms in your home, consider the function of that room and envision what type of atmosphere you want for that room. Finally, remember to consult with quality electricians before installing lighting in your home.

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