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Ducted Air Conditioning Repair

Safe & Sure is a full service ducted air conditioning repair company. We repair, service and install all ducted air conditioning brands. Our ducted air conditioning repair technicians have years of experience with all brands. We can repair split systems through to ducted climate systems, from homes to commercial and office air conditioning systems.

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Your ducted air conditioning system has been a considerable investment, you should trust only licensed and experienced air conditioning technicians. Our Safe & Sure air conditioning technicians have extensive hands on work experience in the industry assessing and repairing ducted air conditioning systems. They will attend to test and diagnose, before discussing your repair.

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We only use quality genuine manufacturer branded air conditioning parts for replacement. Generic parts are inferior, often they don’t fit properly and are likely to cause more breakdowns.



We understand on these warmer days you want to have your air conditioner cooling you again as soon as possible. We aim to give you answers quickly, so you can be back up and running as soon as possible.

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Expert Air Conditioning Repairs!

Options to repair or Replace

If the problem can’t be resolved immediately upon diagnosis, we will need to source parts availability and prices for repairing your ducted air conditioner. Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar will provide you with a written quote so you can decide to repair or replace your ducted air conditioning system. It’s worth considering the age and the brand of your unit in making the decision to repair or replace. Ducted air conditioning units over 10 years normally come under consideration to replace, as air conditioning manufacturers are only required to keep parts for 10 years. Also newer air conditioning models tend to be more energy efficient than older systems so a change could positively effect your electricity bill.  Safe & Sure Electricians, Air Con & Solar gives you quote options to make informed decisions as we can cover your full needs with either repair or new ducted air conditioning system.

SIGNS YOU NEED A Ducted Air Conditioning Repair

1. No Air Flow

If no air comes out when you switch on your ducted air conditioning system at the central unit, first check to make sure your home’s safety switch hasn’t tripped.

If there’s nothing wrong with your fuse box, you may have a broken thermostat, compressor, selector switch, control board or faulty wiring; you will need a diagnostic assessment on your ducted air conditioner.

2. Some Rooms Aren’t Cooling

If your ducted air conditioner isn’t cooling all the rooms it’s connected to, you’ll need a ducted air conditioning repair specialist to check for duct leaks or zone controller issues. A hole in your ductwork needs to be promptly fixed because it can allow bacteria to get into your air flow.

3. ONLY blowing Warm Air

If your ducted air conditioning only blows warm air, check your control pad for the mode and temperature settings. Make sure your mode is set to  ‘cool’ (or a snowflake) and turn the temperature to the lowest point you can, hopefully 18 degrees, then leave the system for 10 minutes to see if the problem still exists. You should also check if your air filter needs cleaning or replacing. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a refrigerant leak, and it’s time to call a Safe & Sure air conditioning expert in.

4. Noisy Unit

If your system starts making unusual amounts of noise, call a ducted air conditioner repair specialist to check that your fan is working properly.

All ducted air conditioning brands repaired

Our technicians are experienced repairing in all ducted air conditioning brands. Availability of parts is dependant on your brand and age of your ducted air conditioning system.


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