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Does Your Daikin Air Conditioning System Need A Service?

You’ve found the right company, Safe & Sure have a team of qualified licensed air conditioning technicians that service Daikin Air Conditioning. We service all types and models of air conditioning, including Daikin Ducted, Cassette, Split and Multi systems. We service all residential and business types of air conditioning.  Your air conditioning unit has been a considerable investment so it pays to look after it. If you have residential air conditioning a professional service should be conducted minimum once a year. If you’re in a office, hotel or other work environment it should be minimum quarterly but possibly even monthly depending on the environment conditions i.e. cooking, fumes etc.

Expert Air Conditioning Technicians You Can Rely On

Safe & Sure have multiple levels of service depending on the condition of your air conditioning unit, our technician will assess its requirements upon arrival to see if it needs special mould treats or the fan barrel removed. You should only trust your air conditioner to qualified Refrigeration Mechanic who specialises in air conditioning, it should not be serviced by a cleaner, electrician or other trades-person. Safe & Sure has an extensive experienced team of Refrigeration Mechanics who are efficient and knowledgeable for handling air conditioning systems.

Not Sure If Your Daikin Air Conditioning Needs A Service or Repair?

There is a difference between your system needing a service or needing a repair. The good news is Safe & Sure ONLY uses our qualified Refrigeration Mechanics to conduct air conditioning services unlike other Brisbane Air Conditioning companies – so you should always ask about the qualification of the person attending your air conditioner. We choose to operate with using only correctly licensed Air Conditioning Technicians as unfortunately we have attended to many units that have been damaged, incorrectly put back together or needed a repair (instead of service) because other companies sent unqualified people or cleaners service the air conditioner.

Signs Your Daikin Air Conditioner Needs A Service:

A service is not just ‘cleaning the filters’. An air conditioning technician will assess many the components and connections in the unit, check gas levels, treat it with special anti-mould treatments and remove components to get deep into the unit. Some signs that your units needs a service:

  • Leaking water from the indoor unit
  • You’ve seen ants, cockroaches or other rodents crawling around the unit
  • Funny, bad or burning smells
  • Mould, mildew or dust can be seen
  • A household member smokes
  • It has been more than a year since your last service

Signs Your Daikin Air Conditioner Needs A Repair:

If you Daikin air conditioner needs a repair it will likely require part/s to fix. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Technician can correctly diagnose and assess what’s wrong with the air conditioner. Here are some signs that your unit needs a repair (before it gets serviced):

  • Not blowing air
  • Not cool/warm enough
  • Not turning on
  • Unit is tripping switch in switchboard
  • Leaking water
  • Leaking coolant/gas
  • Bad smells
  • Unit turns on, then turns itself off
  • Flashing light on indoor unit
  • Banging or clicking noises

If your system needs a repair, we will provide you with a full written quote so you can make an informed choice whether to repair or replace your Daikin air conditioning system. As a general rule if it is under 10 years it’s worth a repair, if it’s over 10 years you consider replacement.

If you’d like peace of mind by choosing a professional service with a company you can trust to only use qualified technician, give us a call 3269 9773 or fill out the contact form. 

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