Unsafe DIY electrical jobs cause 14,000 injuries per year.

Here’s how to stay safe. With all the information available on the web about DIY fixes and saving money by avoiding the expense of having a tradesperson solve your problem, it can become tempting to try and resolve your electrical problems yourself. If this sounds like you, we urge you to think twice! Poorly planned [Read More…]

Upgrading an old electrical system in Brisbane?

Here’s what your electrician will need to do. If you’ve purchased an older home and intend to renovate it, you’ll most likely know exactly what needs to be done with the wiring in your home. Many old homes need to be assessed for an updated electrical system. Like any other aspect of a home, old [Read More…]

General Care For Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are the unsung hero of our homes in hot weather, yet their maintenance is often overlooked – unless something goes wrong that warrants immediate attention. Safe & Sure Electricians & Air Conditioning provide premium services in both the fitting and repairs of your air conditioning unit. We specialise in helping you to maximise [Read More…]

Safety tips for Spring – Cleaning with electricity

Outdoor spring-cleaning, renovations or additions to the outdoor entertaining area, or, come Christmastime, outdoor lights, are all fairly common things this time of year. But there are a number of potential electrical hazards that you should be aware of before you carry out any spring-cleaning, renovations or decorating around your home this spring. Refer to [Read More…]

The dos and don’ts of home lighting

Selecting the right lighting for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make, but it’s a decision that is often given very little thought. Lighting is just one of those things we take for granted—as is electricity as a whole, which we usually only come to fully appreciate when there’s a [Read More…]

Quicker than a ray of light: The 411 on LED lights

It was once that the only time you saw LED lights was in a Star Wars movie, the weapon of choice for George Lucas’ Jedi Knights. For a long time, that’s all LED lights were: an overpriced novelty, and for that very reason, the use of LED lights in lamps and light fittings in the [Read More…]