Help! My air conditioner has stopped working, what do I do?

We’ve all been there before- you’ve every intention of enjoying the icy blast of freshness courtesy of your trusty Air Conditioner…only to find it refuses to work. Before you panic, it’s important to know that the technicians at Safe & Sure Electricians and Air Conditioning receive many calls from hot and bothered clients who can … Continued

Flickering Lights – Should You Be Worried?

Flickering lights in your home electrics may not be a cause for concern, but if you see an unsteady light source presenting itself time and time again, it’s essential that you contact a trusted electrician and have the source of the problem assessed. While there are many reasons that a light might flicker, some are … Continued

Three Main Types of Green Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Your home lighting is one of the elements of your home that provides the atmosphere you want in a given indoor or outdoor space. The quality of the lighting you choose will determine how well it satisfies your comfort levels. When you are interested in being energy efficient and environmentally friendly with your home lighting, … Continued

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

Home Owners and Lessors, are you informed and up to date about the legislations surrounding Smoke Alarms in Queensland’s new lessor/tenancy agreements?  With more than 50 families every year losing a member to a house fire in Australia, it’s always a good time to make sure your smoke alarm system is functioning at optimal levels. … Continued

Quicker than a ray of light: The 411 on LED lights

Once upon a time, the only time you saw LED globe (aka LED lights) was in a Star Wars movie, the weapon of choice for George Lucas’ Jedi Knights. For a long time, that’s all LED lights were: an overpriced novelty, and for that very reason, the use of LED globe in lamps and light … Continued

Unsafe DIY electrical jobs cause 14,000 injuries per year.

Here’s how to stay safe. With all the information available on the web about DIY fixes and saving money by avoiding the expense of having a tradesperson solve your problem, it can become tempting to try and resolve your electrical problems yourself. If this sounds like you, we urge you to think twice! Poorly planned … Continued

April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’

APRIL 1ST IS AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ‘DON’T BE A FOOL’ DAY. ARE YOU PREPARED? Dedicated to promoting safety and awareness through monitored checks of your home’s smoke alarm system, April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’. Behind the humour in the catchy title, there’s an important message of awareness, and a critical need for … Continued

Looking for an Electrician in Brisbane? Read our checklist first.

Are you looking for a trusted Professional Electrician in Brisbane and surrounding areas? We’ve developed a checklist to make it easy for you to find an electrician you’ll want to add to your contacts list for future reference. Firstly, it’s important to accept that hiring the right person goes further than simply finding a sparkie … Continued

Solar Power- is this power source right for me?

With the increase of people choosing to benefit from natural energy solutions, you may be considering making the swap to a cleaner, money saving solution for yourself. What is Solar Energy? Solar radiation, or energy from the sun, provides us with more than enough energy to power our everyday appliances and facilities. Energy from the … Continued