Flickering Lights – Should You Be Worried?

Flickering lights

Flickering lights in your home electrics may not be a cause for concern, but if you see an unsteady light source presenting itself time and time again, it’s essential that contact a trusted electrician and have the source of the problem assessed. While there are many reasons that a light might flicker, some are not [Read More…]

The top 4 mistakes to avoid in your home electrics

home electrician

If you need work done in your home, make sure you know where the problem areas are. While for the most part, finding a great electrician who won’t compromise your trust should be simple, there are a few rules to follow which you can use to buffer yourself against any likely problems. Here are four [Read More…]

Does your electrical system need rewiring?

A electrician rewiring a switchbox using a screwdriver

Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, it isn’t always easy to tell if your home requires electrical rewiring.  There are many hidden reasons that can inhibit the safety of your home and your family, so without a real reason to go ahead and make the appropriate change, assessing the need for home rewiring is often a [Read More…]

Stormy weather continued: the surge protector

As part of our storm preparation edition of the Safe & Sure newsletter, we thought we’d give you the skinny on surge protectors—how they work, and why they’re a good investment. I’ll always remember staying at my grandmother’s house during a storm. As soon as she heard that first rumble of thunder, she’d be off: [Read More…]

Looking for an Electrician in Brisbane? Read our checklist first.

Are you looking for a trusted professional Electrician in the Brisbane and surrounding areas? We’ve developed a checklist to make it easy for you to find an electrician you’ll want to add to your contacts list for future reference. For starters, it’s important to acknowledge that hiring the right person goes further than simply finding [Read More…]

Stormy weather: get your home storm ready

As we enter Queensland’s notorious storm season, it’s important to storm-proof your home against the often-unpredictable Queensland weather. The past few years have been tough on Queenslanders. We’ve endured some rather wild weather—floods, droughts, cyclones, and severe storms. It’s important that you get your home storm ready, so we’ve put together this checklist to help [Read More…]

Is your dryer not working? Avoid this annoying problem.

Did you just reach into your dryer expecting to pull out an armful of fluffy towels only to find them damp or worse, completely wet? Faults with dryers are common and annoying, but can mostly be avoided with just a little extra attention where possible. Like your washing machine and any other home appliance you [Read More…]