Legislations surrounding Smoke Alarms in Queensland

Smoke alarm

Home Owners and Lessors, are you informed and up to date about the legislations surrounding Smoke Alarms in Queensland’s new lessor/tenancy agreements?  With more than 50 families every year losing a member to a house fire in Australia, it’s always a good time to make sure your smoke alarm system is functioning at optimal levels. [Read More…]

April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’

Smoke alarm

APRIL 1ST IS AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ‘DON’T BE A FOOL’ SMOKE ALARM DAY. ARE YOU PREPARED? Dedicated to promoting safety and awareness through monitored checks of your home’s smoke alarm system, April 1st is National ‘Don’t be a Fool Day’. Behind the humour in the catchy title, there’s an important message of awareness, and a critical [Read More…]

Help! My air conditioner has stopped working, what do I do?

broken air conditioner

We’ve all been there before- you’ve every intention of enjoying the icy blast of freshness courtesy of your trusty Air Conditioner…only to find it refuses to work. Before you panic, it’s important to know that the technicians at Safe & Sure Electricians and Air Conditioning receive many calls from hot and bothered clients who can [Read More…]

The best reasons to call your electrician

overloaded outlet

Are you a problem procrastinator? Do you find yourself putting minor concerns on the backburner time and time again, letting them bubble away while you go about your day? Don’t underestimate the importance of being on top of your home maintenance. Ignoring an electrical quirk can be a mistake you can’t afford to make.   [Read More…]

How to maintain your outdoor air conditioning unit motor

Air conditioners come in a range of standards and sizes. From small portable coolers that can be installed with just a little work, right through to the units that require a large outdoor exhaust that can be placed on your roof or in a less obtrusive place outside your home. Do you share limited balcony [Read More…]