What Is A Smart Meter?

Anyone who pays an electric bill knows what and where their home’s electrical meter is located.  A smart meter works by measuring the amount of electricity you use to determine your bill. How exactly do smart meters work? The great part about smart meters is that they allow a two-way road for communication unlike traditional … Continued

How Does Solar Air Conditioning Work?

Solar air conditioning is powered by solar panels that take energy from the sun’s light. Why is solar air conditioning useful? There are many benefits to solar air conditioning. For example, when the power goes out due to storms or heat waves, harvesting the sun’s light in solar cells can provide electricity-less energy to power … Continued

Stormy Weather continued: the Surge Protector

As part of our storm preparation, we thought we’d give you the skinny on surge protectors.  How do they work?  Why are they a good investment? Grandma’s House I’ll always remember staying at my grandmother’s house during a storm. As soon as she heard that first rumble of thunder, she’d be off. Madly running about, turning … Continued

Stormy Weather: Get Your Home Storm Ready

As we enter Queensland’s notorious storm season, it’s important to storm-proof your home against the often-unpredictable Queensland stormy weather. The past few years have been tough on Queenslanders. We’ve endured some rather wild stormy weather—floods, droughts, cyclones, and severe storms. It’s important that you get your home storm ready, so we’ve put together this checklist … Continued

Upgrading an old electrical system in Brisbane?

Here’s what your electrician will need to do. If you’ve purchased an older home and intend to renovate it, you’ll most likely know exactly what needs to be done with the wiring in your home – particularly if you plan to upgrade to LED Lighting. Many old homes need to be assessed for an updated … Continued

Spring-Cleaning Safely

We all do it. but it’s time to be serious about Spring-Cleaning Safely. Outdoor cleaning, renovations or add-ons to your outdoor living area.  Or, come Christmas time, outdoor lights, are all common things this time of year. But there are potential electrical hazards that you should be aware of before you carry out any spring-cleaning, repairs … Continued

4 Ways to Save Energy In Your Home

Do you have a household budget for your home? Have you ever sat down and calculated how much your major appliances in your home actually cost to run? Reports show that major appliances take up approximately 30% of a household’s entire energy budget – a significant amount for any kind of budget. Are there areas … Continued

How to Make Your Home Secure

Home Security. Not rocket science. It has been estimated that home break-ins occur every 15 seconds in suburban areas. This proves one thing: home owners are making it too easy to gain entry to their homes. Of course, even with every single safety precaution in place, it is impossible to prevent every single burglary, however, that is … Continued