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Are you a Brisbane homeowner? Don’t miss these electricians tips.

Owning your own home as opposed to renting it, changes the game dramatically when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

While the maintenance needs of renters are often dealt with directly through their rental agency, homeowners need to have a great referral system at their disposal should they need it.

Protect your assets the easy way.

Homeowners need to be on the ball when it comes to work around the house, whether your property is your family home or whether you rent it out. Here are our best tips for homeowners who want to be on top of home electrical maintenance at all times, keeping things simple, easy and safe.

Know your electrician’s phone number.

First, do your research on local electricians. Ask friends and family, or find out about some well-reviewed electricians online. A great electrician is someone you want to add to your contacts list. They should demonstrate the following trade attributes:

  • Full electrical qualifications
  • Quality, punctual service
  • Honest and trustworthy advice
  • Thorough quoting system
  • Consistent quoting practices

Don’t put off what needs to be done.

Like any form of maintenance, the longer it is left untended, the more likely the problem will escalate. Light switches that crackle, a drier that doesn’t dry clothes properly, exposed wiring, and air conditioners on the blink, are all valid reasons to call in an electrician and have them look at the problem. At best, you could be looking at a simple solution, but at worst, you may simply be avoiding the escalation of what was a simple problem.

Scan for problems.

Just because you haven’t experienced any concerning electrical problems, that doesn’t mean they aren’t on the brink of occurring. As a homeowner, you want to look for problems rather than wait for them to show up. You should do at least one six monthly check to ensure your outlets all work properly, that no cords or switches are loose or frayed, and very importantly, that no sources are overheating. You can save a lot of time checking a supposed faulty power switch by trying a different appliance in the plug. If the appliance works, it’s not the power outlet.

REMINDER: Never over-load a power board!

Safe & Sure Electricians have serviced Brisbane and beyond for electrical needs of all types. If you’re experiencing difficulties of any kind with your electrical systems, air conditioners, or equipment, we can help. Please call us for further information regarding our quality, trusted services in the area.

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