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2.5 kw Air Conditioners at a glance

2.5 kw Split system air conditioners are ideal for a normal sized bedroom or a small home office or study. The 2.5kw will service a room comfortably up to the size of 16 sq mtrs, so that’s a square room up to 4 mtrs x 4 mtrs or a rectangle size room 5 mtrs x 3 mtrs.

Fujitsu 2.5kw Air Conditioner ASTGO9KMCA

Fujitsu are a leading air conditioning brand in Australia with a long reliable history. The current 2.5kw model ASTG09KMCA is reliable, well priced and energy efficient. Fujitsu won the ‘2015 Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ award. The indoor and outdoor units are of a smaller dimension size than some of other brands on the market, this can be a consideration if wall space is limited.

Unit Specs:

Indoor Head Unit Dimensions: 268H × 840W × 203D (8.5kg)

Outdoor Unit Dimensions: 540H × 790W × 290D  (34kg)

Heating Energy Rating: 5 star

Cooling Energy Rating: 5 star

Indoor Sound Setting: 21 dba (on low)

Gas: R32

Fujitsu ASTG09KMCA 2.5 kw Split Air Conditioner

Fujitsu ASTG09KMCA 2.5 kw Split Air Conditioner



















Panasonic 2.5 kw Air Conditioner CS/CU-RE9PKR


Unit Specs:

Indoor Head Unit Dimensions: 290H × 870W × 214D (9kg)

Outdoor Unit Dimensions: 542H × 780W × 289D (32kg)

Heating Energy Rating: 3.5 star

Cooling Energy Rating: 3 star

Indoor Sound Setting: 22 dba (on low)

Gas: 410A


LG 2.5 kw Air Conditioners